about us

The literal meaning of SAMRAKSHA is absolute or optimum protection. SAMRAKSHA AYURVEDIC PHARMACY is a GMP & ISO 9001: 2008 CERTIFIED and Recocognised Small Scale Ayurvedic Pharmacy started by a team of eminent Ayurvedic Doctors and other Professionals

Samraksha Ayurveda Pharmacy was founded over 15 years ago with a vision to bring the goodness of nature through all kinds of Ayurvedic products. Samraksha Ayurveda Pharmacy was started as single product Pharmacy in 2004 and we have scaled to the height of formulating 75 Proprietary and Sastric Drugs. Many useful Formulations are in pipeline .

True to the tenets of Ayurveda – ie., making the diseased healthy and healthy to remain affordable cost 

SAMRAKSHA  AYURVEDIC PHARMACY works with a mission of enabling the unabled through Ayurveda . SAMRAKSHA  AYURVEDIC PHARMACY team carries CENTURY’S combined experience in Ayurvedic practice, Formulation of Drugs. SAMRAKSHA  AYURVEDIC PHARMACY always endeavours to develop products which are most essentially needed by the society to alleviate the health problems and make them available to the society at affordable cost

SAMRAKSHA has the range of products in the form of  Aqua Extracts (Kashayams) , Herbal  oil and Capsules    etc. At SAMRAKSHA follows the process as prescribed in ancient texts to derive the highest quality of efficacy of its preparations.

At SAMRAKSHA  AYURVEDIC PHARMACY we follow special process to fortify the drugs for improved efficacy and bio-availability of drugs.

Our Values:

  • To provide products of high quality at affordable costs
  • To achieve the customer satisfaction.
  • Aims to make people aware about the benefits of ayurvedic remedies

Our Inspiration And Leader


Dr B VENKATAIAH  has vast Clinical and teaching experience spread over 4 decades he served in various capacities as Medical Officer , Senior Medical Officer and Civil Surgeon, and consulting physician at various Ayurvedic Hospitals.

He was responsible for bringing number of reforms in the working . He guides the Institutions and Practitioners in developing new formulations for various diseases He was consultant in the Centre for Good Governance, Marri Chenna Reddy Human Resource Management, Hyderabad . He helped the Government of Andhra Pradesh to streamline the Government Ayurvedic Pharmacy. In this assignment he studied number of Government and Private Pharmacies in and outside the state of Andhra Pradesh to make the recommendations 

Besides his own speciality of Shalakya he has expertised in treating highly complicated and chronic diseases like – Cancer, Mental Retardation, Muscular Dystrophy, Chronic Liver Problems, Infertility to name few. He develops new treatment methods and medicines for various diseases

Our Founder

Our Founder  Late Shri Manepalli Chinnari , was working as a senior manager at Pharma industries , Pune , he took voluntary retirement to pursue his interest in manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines. Mr Chinnari  attained vast knowledge in Ayurvedic formulations and with a whole soulful motto of bringing goodness of nature through all kinds of Ayurvedic products, he founded Samraksha Ayurveda Pharmacy as single product Pharmacy in 2004 , Later with sincere dedication and keen dedication the company was scaled to the height of formulating 75 Proprietary and Sastric Drugs.

Our Online and Retail Partners

Buy Samraksha Ayurvedic Products at these stores

Sai PriyaAyurvedic Stores (SPAS) is one of the most popular stores in the field of Ayurveda in twin cities. Established in 1994 by Mr. Hari Prasad Namburu, SPAS has achieved its popularity by providing its customers with the finest quality of Ayurvedic medicines and also by presenting the customers with various brands to choose from. Aided with over a decade of experience & expertise in the field of Ayurveda, the staff atSPAS can suggest appropriate medicines required to treat an ailment.

We are well known for our services in the market. At SPAS we sell all types of Ayurvedic Medicines. SPAShas two branches(Sai PriyaAyurvedic Store & SSM Ayurvedic Store). They  have Ayurvedic Doctors with us at both the branches. Please contact us for further details.

BHAGWAN AYURVEDIC & GENERAL STORES: Opposite TV tower Malakpet, Hyderabad is a three decades old ayurvedic stores. 

One of the leading ayurvedic stores in Hyderabad, where  products of all most  all ayurvedic pharmacies are available. 

SRI DIVYA AYURVEDIC MEDICAL STORES: Road Opposite Pillar No: 142,  Attapur, Hyderabad.

A  leading ayurvedic stores in the area with most Brands of ayurvedic medicines available.  The store is supported by a leading Ayurvedic Physician with 40 years experience in treating chronic diseases.

GOPAL KHADYA BHANDAR, 6-1-622, khairatabad Vegetable Market, Hryderabad.

One of the oldest Ayurvedic Stores in Hyderabad is centrally located  , was  established in 1959.  Gopal Khadya Bhandar  are the wholesalers and Retailers for all most all leading  Ayurvedic Companies  of India.


Leading Ayurvedic Stores in the area. All types of ayurvedic medicines of various companies are available in the stores.