Samraksha Bhumyamlaki Churnam Powder


Samraksha Bhumyamlaki Churnam Powder – 100 Grams

Bhumyamalaki Detoxifies and Strengthens the Liver

  • Supports proper function of the liver
  • Cleanses the gall bladder*
  • Promotes healthy skin*
  • Cools and soothes the digestive tract*
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Samraksha Bhumyamlaki Churnam Powder – 100 Grams

  • 100% Organic, Free from pesticides, chemicals, or additives
  • Processed in gluten-free environment and processing unit
  • Safe for internal consumption as a dietary supplement
  • One of the most highly regarded and commonly used adaptogens in the Ayurvedic pharmacopeia
  • Bhumyamalaki supports healthy liver and gallbladder function. A healthy liver also promotes healthy skin, which explains why the plant is also used to support skin health.
  • Bhumyamalaki may help prevent liver damage and inflammation and halt the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) by normalizing liver enzymes.

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